Upcoming projects

Black Voyage and Transplant are now finished and are available online, I am now starting on new and exciting projects. Here I am going to tell you all about the projects I’m working on.


Grim is a project I actually started the same time I was producing Black Voyage however, I put this project on the back burner until I had some more free time. This project I was the artist and co-writer with Becton Simpson being the main writer and originator of the idea.

This idea is now complete and will go to print in September. To preview some of the art become a pateron.

Synopsis – Ethan comes home from a long day at work. All he wants to do is watch a film and eat some pizza however, his nights only just beginning when he the Grim reaper comes knocking.



I have already done a post announcing this but since then I have not done anything with the project yet. That will all change next week when I start work on the script. This will be the unofficial sequel to Transplant and I hope to start the art by the start of August.

Synopsis – Lower Manhattan is being plagued by a series of murders that are gruesome and unexplainable. The task of explaining these murders fall on Agent Veronica Grey and Agent Ted Walker. Together they will discover more than they bargained for as they learn the killer has a connection to the Kuchisake-Onna legend.

Sophia watches from the sidelines pulling their strings, guiding them to their true calling and Sophia’s grand plan.




Veronica is a change of pace as this comic will be a pure romance story. This idea will be a webcomic that I will release on Patreon then Tapastic. I have already finished the script and am hoping to start the art for the first few pages soon. I chose to do a change of genre to test my ability as a scriptwriter and prove to myself that I can diversify my writing.  I chose romance as it is a genre I rarely think about and believe that it would be a true test of my writing. This idea however, did start out as a horror before I finalized the concept I have now, that is 100% romance.

Synopsis – What if you meet your perfect partner but didn’t know it? Well that’s what happens to Veronica, her life is far from perfect as everyone she knows does not believe her and look down at every choice she makes. Veronica’s life is about to change when she meets Dean, who shows her how to believe in herself and that true love was in front of her the whole time. This isn’t a boy meets girl type of romance no this is a romance build from friendship and the bond that can have.



Faceless is the project I am most excited about. This is a psychological thriller mini-series that I am writing. The series will consist of 5 issues and I’m currently writing issue 4 and will write the conclusion by the start of August. The series idea was coined by Tim Tindall and it was my job to create the story and world it takes place in.

Synopsis – Erin White was heading home from trying on bridesmaid dresses when she witnesses a murder. The killer knows they were seen but is unable to silence Erin in time and the police arrive. They escape but Erin knows what they look like however, what if she didn’t?

As Erin develops Face Blindness resulting in everyone she meets potentially being the murderer. This tests her trust in people and reality as her mental state breaks down in the lead to her best friend’s wedding.





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