Now on Amazon

Covenant of Arcana has so far released two projects Black Voyage & Transplant. These were released on ComixCentral the hub of indie creators and have been doing ok on the site.

However, I wanted to expand where fans and supporters could get the comics I produce so I first applied for comixology. Unfortunately as of now I have been rejected. This was a little disappointing but i didn’t let it dampen my spirits.

Instead I looked for alternatives and remembered my friend Michael Max Ham Gatti  the author of the amazing ‘Untitled history of the Human condition’ hosts his comic on Amazon kindle and indyplanet.

With this information I decided to checkout Amazon’s Kindle service and now I am pleased to announce that Black Voyage & Transplant are now available on Amazon.

I chose Amazon because it is considered a trusted and go to place for self-publishers and I can control how the content is promoted and who the audience is that see my work.

I am working on some other projects that are detailed in this post here and will appear online in 2017/18.




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