Convention update

Awhile ago I did a post listing conventions I would like to attend this year. One of these was MCM Manchester in July and on Monday 5th June tables went on sale. On Wednesday I received an email that my submission had been rejected.

This news was a little disappointing but not world ending as there are still conventions I could attend this year like Stoke-con-Trent & MCM London in October.

There is some good news as I will be attending an event on the 8th July. This is Small Press Day, where independent comic store celebrate small press creators by giving them a space to sell their work. This also give people an opportunity to discover something new & non mainstream.


These event will take place all over the country and in  Nostalgia Comics in Birmingham I will be there selling copies of Transplant and Black Voyage while also celebrating and discovering other indie creators.

For more information on Small Press day and find a participating store check out their website

I will be posting more updates on this event and future events I am attending.


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