Where can you get Black Voyage

Now that Black Voyage is complete it is time to share it with the world. I have already released Black Voyage online on my online store on Comixcentral.

This has been up on the site for two weeks and it is doing well. Also on this store is my sequel to Black Voyage, Transplant.

To pick up a copy of either issues on the link here

I have also set up pages on Amazon and Comixology and soon will be available on these sites.

I will update this blog once the pages are activated.

I am also hoping to make physical copies available this will be through selling through stores and conventions.

These will be announced at a later date.


3 thoughts on “Where can you get Black Voyage

  1. I read the six page preview of your comic. Not bad, but there was an error in the first sentence (on instead of one). Keep pressing forward! There were other errors as well, but I don’t want to stay negative. It was an interesting beginning. I like your name: Covenant of Arcana! And the skull artwork. Very nice.


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